A Suddenly Season

09 Jan

A few months back, I preached a message entitled, “The Suddenly Season.”  Little did I know, a few months after I ministered that message I would in fact be experiencing that which I had proclaimed was going to happen. Thursday, was an answered prayer!  I literally had no idea that a meeting I almost decided not go to, would literally shift the winds of change in my direction.  You see sometimes as a preacher or a minister, you want people to receive the blessing so bad that you almost tell God that if it doesn’t happen for me, I’m ok.  Well this year, I altered that mindset, and realized that It has to happen for me as well.  And not only for me but it’s going to happen for you this year!

I remember preaching from  2 Chronicles 29:36, which states, “And Hezekiah and all the people rejoiced because God had prepared for the people, for the thing came about suddenly.”  King Hezekiah had the responsibility to restore, reform, and purify the temple and restore the worship of Israel to its rightful place.  When He did that, the bible says that the work that needed to be done came about suddenly.  As I went back in my notes, I remember talking about what qualifies an individual for walking into their own suddenly season!  I want to share that because I think it is paramount for where I and many of you are going!!

So what  prepares you for a suddenly season?
1) Doors will be repaired! 2 Chr. 29: 3 God wants you to know that this the season where the doors that have been ineffective or literally shut are going to be opening. And the doors that have been inoperative, God says I’m going to repair those doors!  Get ready, pretty soon you’ll be rejoicing in front of the door that used to be closed saying, “Let Me In.”  I was walking in Wal-Mart the other night and the door opened for me automatically because it sensors detected my movement!  Some doors won’t open this year for you unless you’re moving!!
2)  Don’t be negligent concerning your assignment. 2 Chr. 29:11.  If God has given you an assignment or a ministry, be diligent in that thing.  The scriptures teach us to Neglect not the gift that was placed in thee….and also…to make full proof of thy ministry!  If you have a job, and you neglect all of the demands and tasks your boss asks of you it won’t be long before your boss will fire you and find someone else!!
3)  Sacrifice to get Your House in Order.  2 Chr. 29:35 In other words if you want to be promoted you have to be prepared to handle the promotion.   And no blessing comes without sacrifice.  We must get our affairs in order, meaning that we must be preparing ourself at the level we desire to be promoted.  If you are expecting rain, till the ground and plant seed, so when the rain comes you won’t be caught off guard!

The majestic hand of our God is going to guide us into a Suddenly Season!  We are going to walk into the very exact things we’ve been praying for!  Get ready to be changed and empowered, get ready to rejoice because God is going to do this Suddenly!!

He Did It Suddenly!

Father, I thank for you for the reader today!  It is my prayer that as they set the work of your kingdom in motion, you would bring them into a season called Suddenly, where everything they have been praying, fasting, and believing God for will manifest immediately.  We thank you for the releasing of resources, finances, and angels that will cause us to walk in this season and come out with much Abundance!  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen!

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