God Has His Hands on Me…

14 Jan

This morning during my devotion and prayer time, the song “He Has His Hands On You” (listen to the song here ) by Marvin Sapp came on the radio and tears began to well up in my eyes.  I wasn’t so much emotional as I was, just grateful that through all the things I’ve been through, God still chose to keep his hands on me.  The powerful lyrics of the song was an encouraging reminder that God has his hands on you and I and if we just remember that no matter what pressure we face, no matter how many obstacles stack up against us, no matter how overwhelming the vision that he has given us seems….Be confident that God has his hands on you! 

A few weeks ago, I ministered a message entitled, “Same Clay, Another Vessel” from the story in the book of Jeremiah, where God speaks to him and tells him to go to down to the potter’s house, and God would speak to him there.  A colleague of mine in ministry reminded me of that message last week, and I’m reminding you of the story today!  That though we are in the Hands of God sometimes he has to make us over and over again until we become the masterpiece that he envisions for our lives to be.  The pressure of the hand of God sometimes seems unbearable, sometimes seems unfair, sometimes seems too long, but be encouraged and rejoice that as long as we are in the hand of God nothing that we face or encounter can impede our progress.  No we are not perfect, no we have not done everything right…oh yeah, and I’ve made many mistakes, but we serve a loving, compassionate, and forgiving God that sees us not as we are but as we will be.  God doesn’t throw the clay out when it becomes damaged or marred, but he keeps working with the same clay and makes it into something more beautiful and more complete.   I must be very honest and admit, that God’s Hands are on me!  I can feel something in the atmosphere this year that I have never experienced before, and I am anxious to see what masterpiece he is working on in my life.

John 10:29 declares, “My Father, which gave [them] me, is greater than all; and no [man] is able to pluck [them] out of my Father’s hand.”   I’m so grateful that His hand is on me and that I am in his hand!  When God’s Hand is on you, expect to win, expect to finish, expect Victory!

His Hands are On Me,

Father, thank you for the person reading today!  Thank you for having your hands on us!  Even when we cry, we feel discouraged, and overwhelmed, we know that your hands are on us to prosper our way, whithersoever we go!  Thank you for your hand that pushes us, promotes us, protects us, and provides for us!  We Love you God and we praise you today!  In Jesus’ Name. Amen!


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3 responses to “God Has His Hands on Me…

  1. Evangelist Cammie Johnson

    January 15, 2011 at 11:13 pm

    Thank you for this encouraging Word. We all need to be reminded God’s hand is upon us. Thanks again.

  2. missy

    October 11, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    I just want to say thank you. When i came across this page . I new god had brought me to this page . because I was going thur something


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