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The Tables of Kings

Many times when I reflect back on growing up, I always think about how it seemed I never belonged to the “In” crowd.  My mother wasn’t wealthy, so I didn’t have a lot of the new sneakers and latest fashions that other kids had.  As a matter of fact, I can remember often feeling a little like an outsider.  I wasn’t a star athlete or one that all the girls were vying for my attention.  I was just me.  Although I didn’t excel in some areas, I did manage to find my place somewhere along the way. 

But, anyone who went to high school, knows about the “In” crowd. The “In” crowd was made up of kids whose parents bought them a car when they turned 16, had the latest sneakers, and brand name clothes.  It was the table where the popular people sat for lunch.  It was the place to be. The conversation seemed better. If you were there, you had arrived at the top of the social ladder. At that table, you had those who were at the top, but you also always had someone trying to get in. You remember, the person who wasn’t quite in the “In” crowd, but was always trying to work their way into the crowd.  They tried to go find clothes like them, act like them, or wear their hair or make-up in similar styles.

It’s sad to say but many people have never really left the “In” crowd mentality. Many people have dedicated their lives to trying to become a part of the “In” crowd or certain circle of influence. We have an image or set of friends in mind that we believe that if we can just be a part of that circle, we will have all that we ever dreamed of.  Or maybe if I wear this or drive that, it will say that I have arrived.  The simple fact is you will never be able to talk your way into the “In” crowd. At a certain point, you have to realize that YOU ARE THE COOL KID, and that God has already created a habitation for you to exist.  But sometimes we are so focused on another man’s success, that we fail to see and realize our own potential to flourish and do greater! 

Proverbs 25:6-7 says, “Do not exalt yourself in the king’s presence, and do not claim a place among his great men; it is better for him to say to you, “Come up here,” than for him to humiliate you before his nobles.”

Let me share something with you…  Sometimes the group or crowd is only there to assimilate themselves in order to validate their own insecurities. Until you have established within yourself that there is no table, no crowd that is better than you, but only tables that become better with you there,  you will never be happy. When you realize who you are, you will see that there is no place to rise to. You will only see the need to become only what and who God created you to be.  When you have become who God has for you to be, you will be invited to every table that you ever wanted access to. Being a child of God, gives you favor in the sight of those who you need access to. Many times, it is not he/she with wit and charm, or the greatest resume or even money who gain access, but rather he/she who has the favor of the Lord. Today, be the best that you are. Realize that the favor of the Lord is worth more than any table you can talk your way into. The favor of the Lord will get you called to tables that you can’t even imagine.

Sitting at His Table,

Father, I thank you for your power in which you uniquely created everyone of us to be.  I thank you for preparing a table before us, and allowing us to flourish at that table.  Help us to continue to be who you’ve called us to be, and for that we will never be ashamed.  We love you and we thank you for calling us to your table.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen!


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Focus Focus Focus

It’s been a few days but I’m back in my routine….from travelling to sleepless nights to running here, there, and everywhere… I’ve finally gotten settled back in my routine.  I must admit, starting something and seeing it to completion is never easy.  Many times we have the enthusiasm to start something, but through whatever circumstance, we grow tired, weary, and somehow lose focus.  Focus is the optimum word here, because focus is what allows clarity in your vision.  It can be easy to lose focus on the vision ahead because of busy schedules, distractions, appointments, and events.

What is focus?   Although focus has multiple meanings, I absolutely love the definition that webster’s dictionary provides.  Webster says that focus is adjustment for distinct vision;  it’s also : the area that may be seen distinctly or resolved into a clear image; a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding.  Literally it means that we must make adjustments to achieve the Distinct Vision that we have for our life, and that which God has purposed!  It’s distinctly and uniquely yours and yours alone.  You can see clearly with understanding.  Have you ever looked at something far away, but didn’t know what it was?  It was only until you either moved closer to it or you focused your attention that you had an understanding of what you were looking at!  You can be focused and still not understand because you plainly refuse to acknowledge what you see.

It can be frustrating to look at the successes, accomplishments, and achievements of another, and then wonder where you went wrong.  Vision is yours to own.  Become comfortable with what you see, and don’t be afraid to paint your own canvas!  There is a masterpiece waiting, but you must first see it! 

One of the most interesting quotes by Pablo Picasso, the famous abstract artist, says, “If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes.”  Vision is powerful… but we must remain focused!

Adjusting My Focus,

Father, I pray for every person today that has somehow lost their focus.  Whether it be through difficulties, financial challenges, or adversity, I pray today that they will make the necessary adjustments to regain their focus and their enthusiasm needed to accomplish the tasks ahead and the vision that is at hand.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen!

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