You’re Better Than That

07 Apr

Have you ever found yourself complacent in life?  Complacency is the enemy to forward progression.  Many times most people confuse complacency with contentment.  But if you observe closely, you’ll never truly be content if you just settle for what does not fulfill you.  You can easily recognize complacency when you finally realize your lack of forward movement.  You’ve become complacent.  Often we become complacent in life when we surround ourselves with things, people, or even in careers where we’ve resolved that we are don’t deserve better or not capable of achieving more.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Too many times complacency causes us to act beneath the position that we occupy in order to fit in, we simply just settle. We are doing things and acting in ways that make other people comfortable not realizing that by making them comfortable you are becoming more and more uncomfortable. You are uncomfortable with what you’re doing or where you’re living. You are uncomfortable with where you are. You are uncomfortable with the people who are around you. Your discomfort comes from one place within, you realize you are better than this.

I may sound a bit arrogant, but the truth of the matter is, there are some things that you are above. Minimizing your stature or your influence to make others comfortable is never the way to go. You abandon your standing, and your position just to be with the crowd. Be clear, you have a special place in God’s eyes and you are allowed to act like you are special. If other people can’t handle you don’t lower yourself but raise your standard of friends.

I challenge you today to take the opportunity to live above some thingsj, some people, and some places. Move out of a place of complacency and be who God created you to be.  Now that does not come by fitting in but by standing out. Be as smart as you are. Be as confident as you are. Be as beautiful as you are. Be as sophisticated as you are. Be the wise you.  Be as handsome as you are.  Be as anointed as you are!!  There is nothing wrong with these things, they are just who you are. So embrace it. Live it. Be it. After all you were made for it.  You’re Better than that!

I’m Better Than That!

Father, I thank you for every person reading!  Help them to know that they are better than the circumstance or situations in which they have found themselves growing complacent.  I ask that you will give them the power the raise the bar and raise their standards in every area of their life.  We decree by faith that they were made for the high places, now take them there!  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen!

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