Enjoy Where You Are

13 Oct

Have you ever thought about the fact that sometimes we don’t realize what we have? When we are young all of us want to be older.  We couldn’t wait to move out of parents house to get our own space, own food, and own job…not recognizing that it comes with our own bills!  When we were growing up we couldn’t wait to drive, and as we get older, we now want someone to drive us around.  We anxiously look forward to things in life that are just not available to us yet. So we become envious of people who are older than us because we think they are having more fun than we are. We see them going places, doing things, drinking things and think I just can’t wait to be older.  Or we think if only I worked on that job, or lived in that neighborhood, I could be enjoying the same things. By contrast when we get older we often look back and want to have the things of our youth back. We want to get a nip here and tuck there, and wear things a little shorter, tighter and brighter so that we can relive the days of yore. It seems the young wish to be older and the older wish to be younger.

The truth of the matter is appreciating where you are is better than wishing for what you don’t have. The great thing about youth is that you have strength and time on your side. When we are young our bodies are prepared to take the beating that comes from living a full life. We don’t have to eat right. We don’t need much sleep. We have the strength to work on becoming who we will be. As we age, we have the joy of having the knowledge that can only be gained through the experience of having lived life. Having lived long enough to have experience on our side we know how to avoid trouble because we have been there and done that.  Don’t become frustrated by wishing you had something someone else has, or longingly looking at how people seem to be so much further than you.  Wherever you are has a purpose.

Today, make up in your mind to enjoy and celebrate where you are.  It may not be in the same place as someone else, but you’ve definitely accomplished something. If you are young, appreciate that you have your whole life ahead of you. The future is limitless and all you have to do is take the bull by the horns and go for it. If you have a crown of grey hair you have the benefit of a life well lived. You can look back and remember where you have been, what you have seen, and how you made it through. The gift of that experience is you don’t have to make the mistakes of youth ever again. So take the time not to look forward or look back today, just enjoy where you are.

Enjoying Where I Am,

Pastor DP

Father, I pray for every reader today that they will find peace, joy, and content in knowing that you have them just where they need to be.  Give them the power to celebrate and enjoy the place that you have them, and teach them how to be anxious for nothing.  We praise you for the journey we are on, and we are looking forward to great things happening in our lives!  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen!

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