Failure is Not An Option

25 Oct

This week I am so excited about what God is doing in this season of our lives. I am even more excited about this coming Sunday’s service at The Rock Church Raleigh!  It’s OUTRAGEOUS OCTOBER SUNDAY!!  Can’t you sense my excitement?  We are going to have a great time in the presence of the Lord and blessing some families!  As I’ve been preparing the message for this Sunday, I want to take this week and drop a few nuggets and thoughts from what God has shared with me.  I pray that it will bless you and encourage you.  And if you’re in the Raleigh area, make plans to worship with us (check out the ‘Events’ page to see the flyer or visit ).

Have you ever felt like a failure?  Have you ever wrestled with the feeling of accepting defeat?  The scriptures teach against failure.  For instance, Proverbs 24:16 (NLT) says, “The godly(righteous) man may trip seven times, but they will get up again.  But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked.”  Can I encourage you today?  Look at the scripture….it says a godly or righteous person may trip or fall seven times but they WILL get up again, but one disaster is enough to destroy those who are wicked.  That indicates that sometimes bad things happen to good people, but Good people get up!

Most of us have had our plans, our dreams, and wanted to make our mark on the world, but somewhere in the process we’ve fallen. Most people want to do something significant in life. We want to make an impression on the world that allows us to leave a legacy for those to come. We want to have an impact that gives meaning to the time that we spent here. Some people want to be happy and live the life they’ve always dreamed. Other people want to be of service to the world, making things better for people who are less fortunate than they are. No matter what impact we want to have, everyone who wants to do something great has two things in common, great inspiration and the risk of failure.

If you’re going to live life, or accomplish anything of significance in life, you have to be willing to risk failure. Not everything that think of or try works the first or even the fifth time. What separates those of us who make a difference from those who do not, is the willingness to get back up and keep trying after they fail. Many of us have the scars from failed careers, failed marriages, or various experiences in life that have failed.  Guess what, we all fail from time to time, but we should not let failure stop us. When God gives us the inspiration to do something, he does not guarantee immediate success, but he does guarantee that he will be with us as long as it takes. All God is depending on us to do is to press on even in the face of failure.  Successful people are the ones that are able to “forget those things which are behind, and press forward to mark of high expectations.”

Failing at something does not make you a failure, and it does not discount the plans that the Lord has for you, your value, or your significance.  Falling down and staying there is what makes someone a failure.  All of us make mistakes, make bad decisions, come up short and on occasion fall flat on our faces. The difference between those who truly succeed and those who do not is the willingness to try again. God gives us the strength to get back up when we fall and try again. When we get back up after failure we are expressing faith in God being able to work his plan through us, in spite of us. So next time you fall sort remember getting up is a sign of faith in knowing that God is not through with you yet.  Look around you…you survived things that destroyed others. You were able to get back up and walk…yes you may be limping a little, but walk on because Failure is not an option for you!!

Failure is Not An Option,
Pastor Derrick Phillips

Father, I thank you for every person that is reading this blog today.  I pray that you would strengthen them and re-ignite their drive, their passion, and their tenacity to get back up and start living life!  I thank you for the many scars that indicate that though they’ve fallen a few times, they are still here and still surviving.  Allow them to see your hand working in all things, and that you’re bringing them to a great place of victory!  We praise you in advance.  In Jesus’ Name. Amen!!

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