God Is Looking For You

14 Nov

He will accept no compensation, nor will he be satisfied with a payoff of any size. Proverbs 6:35

Have you ever lost something that was of great value to you? It may not have been worth a lot to someone else but to us it was worth the world. That thing was of such great value to us that we were inconsolable when it came up missing. We were willing to look high and low so that we could find it. We wanted to retrace our steps, go to every place we remembered having it, and look under every rock until we found it. We were prepared to go to the end of the earth to get that special thing back into our possession. Replacing it was not an option, we wanted it back. No amount of money would be enough to replace that missing piece.

I say emphatically and 100% that, that is exactly how God feels about us. Especially when you’ve been estranged from the love of God and His healing presence, its hard to believe that God could be interested or preoccupied with you or where you are.  But he is!  I once had a conversation with a person who came from a family where everyone was Christians, and it seemed as if everyone was a pastor or a preacher in some form or fashion.  He felt that God wasn’t concerned about him because his family had thrown him away.  He felt that if his family couldn’t help him, then how could the God that they served? But how wrong could he have been!  You are so valuable to God that when man throws you away, God simply recycles us and turns one person’s trash into his treasure.  Psalms 17:8, the psalmist suggests that we are the apple of God’s eye!  Because of this, God is willing to go high and low, near and far just to find us when we are missing. Each and every one of us is special in God’s sight. When we go missing, God looks high and low until he find us again. Nobody else can replace you in God’s heart, and no sum of money is enough to get him to forget you. So remember that you are loved, and God cares when you go missing. Why not do him a favor and come home to him? to the house of God? He’s waiting on you right now.

Once was lost…now I’m found.
Pastor Derrick Phillips

Father, today I feel the need to pray for every person who is estranged from your love, your peace, and your compassion.  I pray that they will find the joy and peace that you only you can give.  Help us to come out of hiding so that not only you can stop looking for us, but that you can also recycle and restore us.  We thank you that we will be better for your glory and honor! Oh how we love you and we reverence you!  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen!


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