Day 5: Where there is Vision There is Provision

13 Jan

Please feel free to join us each morning at 5:30am as we pray to the lord and seek his face  The number is (218) 862-1300 conference bridge number: 937420 Join Us tomorrow!

Today is the 5th day of our 21 day fast… we know God is moving!  On this morning, our prayer focus was supernatural provision.  Near the Sea of Galilee in Israel stands a church built as a memorial to Jesus’ miraculous provision that fed over 5,000 people.  By some scholar’s estimation, the 5,000 numbered wasn’t counting women and children! Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all write about this miracle in the gospels. Luke says that Jesus “spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who had need of healing” (Luke 9:10-16).

I know it had to be mind-blowing for those who came to listen to the teaching of the Messiah. Men, women and children gathered to hear about the kingdom of God. They were partaking of the “bread of life” and did not fully realize it. Then, the Lord multiplied 5 small loaves of bread and 2 fish, enough to feed the entire crowd and they had so much that they had leftovers.

Have you ever wondered if some people went home early that day? Perhaps they had other things to do or went home to grab a snack because they were hungry. Imagine what they must have felt like after hearing stories of the multitude being fed by miraculous provision! When you are close to the kingdom of God, there is always enough.

Fasting is such a powerful spiritual discipline because it helps you break through worldly thinking and physical limitations so that you can recognize God’s supernatural provision.  Jesus’ vision was to meet the needs, and where there is vision there is provision!

As you continue to fast, setting aside these early days of the year to honor the Lord, I admonish you to pray and believe for this to be a year of supernatural provision. You may not have much, like that little boy’s lunch. But in the hands of the Lord, it is plenty to accomplish what you need it to do at the time you need it. As long as the disciples kept what they had in their hands it was useless. But when they put it in the hands of the Master, then suddenly it was increased. I speak increase into your hands and into your life.  May the work of your hands be abundantly blessed and prosperous this year!

Prayer Focus: Today, we pray that the struggle would be removed from our meeting our daily needs, and that Supernatural provision would manifest.
Scripture: Matthew 6:9 -11 & Psalm 37:25

Pastor Derrick Phillips


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