Under Authority??

08 Feb

It’s been over a week since my last post, and I am so excited about what God is doing.  We have completed our fast and now we are pressing forward to embrace a higher level of God conciousness.  Many of you know that I’ve been pastoring for a little over 4 months now, and what an incredible and rewarding journey it has been.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a lot of work.  God has placed me in a position of spiritual authority to cover, lead, and protect the sheep that He sends to my pasture.  Interestingly enough, today I was reading in the book of Proverbs, and I stumbled across a very interesting passage of scripture in Proverbs 27:18, “The one who guards a fig tree will eat its fruit; and whoever protects their master will be honored.”

Many of us have issues with authority, and authority figures. We have all been in situations and heard of people in authority using and abusing their power to the detriment of others. We have heard story after story about those in power who use their power only to support their owns ends no matter what the costs to others. By contrast, there are those in power who are sacrificial and use their power to try and uplift and empower others as best they can. Our true issue is not authority, but rather how authority is used or misused on our lives.

We all have to live under someone’s authority. No matter if it is a parent, or a supervisor, or at the very least the authority of God, we all have to answer to someone above us. Many times we have to come to grips with is how to make that work most effectively in life. Many time we struggle with authority because we believe that we can do just fine without supervision or any accountability in life. Perhaps you can live without supervision, but the truth is those in supervision need you as much as you need them. It is our assignment to work with those in authority. How those in authority are treated is often the difference between them being good authority figures we want to follow and those who we resent having charge over us.  Even in Matthew 8:9, the centurion a man who was in charge of many soldiers said, “I am a man under authority.”  Great leaders are after the ones who were once great followers.

There comes a time when we have to get past the resentment and distrust of authority to be able to appreciate good authority.  In my case, I am striving to lead and be the best authority I can be through the help of God. The truth of the matter is protecting and guarding authority allows you to benefit from the power of authority. At its best authority offers, power, protecting and provision. Those who work to provide for and keep the ways of those entrusted with power are those who get the residual benefit of that authority they protect. Today, take the opportunity not to resist those in authority in your life but rather to support them. Since you can’t do anything about their position, make them better people. You can help them make better decisions, be better leaders, and ultimately make dealing with them easier for you. Help lift them not just because it is good for them, but also because it is for your own good.

Striving to Be a Better,
Pastor Derrick Phillips

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