Pigs and Pearls Don’t Mix

22 Mar

Today I would like to share a hard but much needed lesson.  In the gospel of Matthew 7:6, Christ’s teaching admonishes us that as we relay the truth to people we should be careful of who and what we give.  Some people don’t have the capacity to handle it..  What do i mean?

We have all been there at some point…saddened by the fact that we have offered something valuable to those who would not understand or appreciate it. We have given our gifts to friends only to find they are not received or reciprocated…we have contracted our services to employers who could never validate the talent we possess nor the impact we could make…we have loved people who would carelessly discard our feelings and tread on our hearts…we have exposed ourselves over and over again to people who would never recognize us. As we learn to understand and accept our own value, however, we become more discerning as we cast our pearls.

This of course doesn’t happen right away.The journey toward healthy self worth and personal clarity is often a long one…punctuated by many potholes and detours. In the beginning, we don’t realize that we should treasure ourselves and honor our gifts. We just want to be loved, accepted, validated and seen for who we are…so we put ourselves out there…all over the place…only to be disappointed by the masses who find us unremarkable or insignificant. The problem is that we don’t immediately learn from this and adjust our criteria…we fall into a place of feeling misunderstood, unappreciated, disconnected and alienated. We begin to question our own value as the swine trample our pearls.

Of course the moral of the story is probably obvious by now: We must learn not to give our precious selves to those who would not appreciate us…we must not expect someone to recognize our gifts who has not the ability to do so…we must not determine the beauty of our spirit by those who are blind to it. We are meant to be treasured, honored, loved and respected. In order to receive that, however, we must start by treasuring, honoring, loving and respecting ourselves. This means we must incorporate awareness as we cast our pearls. When we achieve and embrace that, we will draw those people into our lives who recognize us as the phenomenal gifts that God made us to be.  So next time you you begin to give someone something of value, remind yourself….Pig and Pearls don’t mix!

Pastor Derrick Phillips

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