The Fight is Fixed!

25 May

Happy Friday!!  Proverbs 15:1 says, “A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare.” There are times in life that things just get out of hand. We have heard that someone said or did something and we are preparing for the next time we see them. We know what has happened, we know that they are not sorry and we are preparing for the next time we see them. We have started building the speech, the hand gestures, and the body language for the coming encounter to make sure that we win. We have told and retold the event in our heads making sure that we keep the levels of rage and anger at constant boil so that when the opportunity presents itself we will strike and win the battle. The problem is we are often fighting the wrong battle.

In all reality, we must fix the fight to ensure that in essence there is no fight. Many times after a real or perceived offense we are so prepared to redeem ourselves, get revenge and set the record straight that we often miss the big picture. There is little if anything that can be done about what has already happened, the fight we have is for the future. When we have already set ourselves on a trajectory for battle we miss that the other party may have done the same thing. So we now have two entities set on a collision course that will ensure an outcome of destruction. One party, or both parties will be destroyed if the battle that we are preparing for comes to a head. The real battle that we should be fighting is the battle to not have the fight in the first place.  Fix the Fight!

As we head into the weekend, prepare to make sure that we win the fight with ourselves.  The real battle is to stop yourself from starting the fight you are planning. When we come to someone with anger and malice in our hearts it is impossible to find resolution. What we find when we do this is a way to cause anger on both sides to bubble over. If we came with a kind word, it would give the chance for understanding and reconciliation without confrontation. Even if you are both angry an opening, sincere, kind word sets the table for the possibility of getting to truth and harmony as opposed to escalating the conflict from the outset. So today, fight the urge to fight. Win the battle of aggression in your own mind by finding the way to lead with peace, and see the humanity in the other person. By reminding yourself that you are better than lashing out, cussing out, and striking out you give yourself the opportunity to resolve things, not just make them worse.

Pastor Derrick Phillips

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