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Get Rid of ‘Em!

Drive out the mocker, and out goes strife; quarrels and insults are ended. Proverbs 22:10

Today’s thought: Get Rid of ‘Em!!  There is a quality that ninety-nine out of a hundred people want in their lives, peace. They want to be at a place where there is more calm and less calamity. They want to be in a state where there is more quiet and less quarreling. They want to be in a state where there is more friendship than fighting. Most of us simply operate better in our personal and business lives when there is peace in our lives. We can be more productive, inspired and motivated because we can focus on what we have to get done as opposed to what we have to get done and the ancillary battles going on around us. Peace is a key factor to productivity.

While 99% of us want peace we struggle to find it. That is where the 1% come in. Believe it or not there is a portion of the population that does not want to be at peace but only do well when at war. These are the people who are always in some sort of battle. They are always in the midst of confusion and strife. Understand that it is not by accident that these people are always in confusion, they choose to be in situations where they can start, revel in and enjoy confusion, calamity and conflict. In short, while you are trying to find peace they are looking to create chaos. The question is what do you do about the 1%. Get rid of them.

If you really want peace in your life you have to get rid of the 1%. If you take a good look at the drama, confusion, strife and conflict in your life you can probably narrow it down to a few people who are always at the root of the issue. No matter if it is your work world, or your personal world, in five minutes you can figure out who the recurring characters are in the middle of every drama that takes hold around you. If you wannabe at peace, throw out the 1%. The scripture says, “Drive out a mocker and strife goes out with them’What you will find is that peace enters your life when you get rid of the people who start the problems. So today drive the 1% out of your life. Stop taking their calls. Don’t answer their texts, emails, or phone calls. you will get the peace that you say you want.  My bottom line:  Get rid of ’em!  Have a wonderful week!

Pastor Derrick Phillips

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