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Take Off The Mask!

maskIf we are real honest with ourselves, , most people have never confronted their own issues.

Just like the woman at the well whom Jesus talks to in John 4, people are willing to discuss superficiality and stuff that has nothing to do with their lives than to be real with themselves or others.

People tend to live in a crowd; they have never met themselves. In fact it is possible to get so lost in what the people around you want that you never really know who you are or what you want.

The woman at the well is so confused that she is no longer bothered with the covenant of marriage; she just wants someone to be there for her, to accept and enjoy and love her. We are all pre-programmed to want that.Your sexuality is so strong within your makeup. It will get you to do the most irrational thing.

Like this woman Christians have been preached at so much but it is still not working because they have never been taught the principles of how to make relationships work. Consequently they are spiritual in church, but as soon as they get out the doors they are looking for a way to meet their relationship needs. They have a spiritual life, and then they have a secret life.

But real love is not about meeting someone in a bar and cracking a few jokes together and feeling like there is some kind of connection. It is far more than that. If you settle for that you are in danger of bringing her home but then realizing that you actually don’t like her that much once you get to know her.

Men, you are not really in love with a woman until you look at her and your first instinct is to take care of her. If your first thought is to use her, you are a charlatan.Ladies, you are not in love if your need for company and affirmation is crying out to you so loudly that you will say yes to any man who pays you attention.  You are more brilliant and intelligent than that!

Give yourself permission to learn about every area of your life and decide to take off your mask and go for the real thing. You will be so blessed by what God will do!

Pastor Derrick Phillips

Prayer:  Father, today in the name of Jesus, I pray for every person that is reading this and needs to take the mask off of their life and live genuinely and authentically.  I pray today that you will give them the strength to seize this day and move forward!  Amen!

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